Yes! We will be open this spring!

NOTICE! Daylily liquidation now on. See below!

(We are open by appointment now for pottery sales. No plants yet.)

And, YES! we will have Persicaria polymorpha (Giant Fleece Flower).

Here's a picture of me (with fence in the way) in front of one of our clumps last summer.


I expect that our first open week-end will be the week-end of May 8. Check back for updates.

Daylily Liquidation!

We are scaling back since both owners are retired and want more time for their own gardening. Therefore, we are discontinuing some plants, including Hemerocallis (Daylilies).

We have about 37 varieties and more than 1,000 plants, all to go. Some have been cleaned up after their overwintering; others are as they came out from under cover, so you see last year's foliage still there.

The pots are very full and ready to divide. If we were continuing them, we would divide each into two or three $7 pots. But you get a deal this year. 3" pots $2; qt, pots $4; 8" and gallon pots $6.

Varieties include doubles such as 'Moses Fire' and 'Night Embers' and many others including 'Gentle Shepherd', 'Arms To Heaven', 'Chicago Blackout' Custard Candy', species plants citrinia and middendorfii and many more.


You can see photos of most in our online catalog. Please note that we do not have every cultivar that is shown in the catalog. Liquidation prices in effect; not catalog prices.

Daylily liquidation public event Sat., April 24 10 AM - 2 PM.

Other times, starting now, by appointment. Minimum order $40.00 for appointment sales.

Appointments or questions?
Call Gary at 612-810-3017