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Our Guarantee

We want you to be completely satisfied with your Busse Gardens experience and to be excited about perennial gardening and ordering plants by mail. If we don't meet your expectations, please take the time to contact us.

Our guarantee includes two major concepts:
First, our plants are what we say they are in our catalog and,
Second, they will arrive in good condition, in good health, and ready to grow.

You'll notice that we don't guarantee our plants against things you might do to them. To be truthful, we've had people ask us to replace plants that they planted out and let freeze and plants that were left in a box in the hot sun for a week on the front steps. We also can't guarantee that you won't get 2 straight weeks of cold rain beginning the day after you plant your plants. These things aren't our fault and we don't replace plants that are lost for such reasons.

We guarantee our plants to be true to name. That means that if you we send you a particular plant, we guarantee that it is the plant you ordered, not something else. This is important because sometimes plants do get mixed up, even though every plant at our nursery has a tag. Sometimes suppliers even make mistakes and it turns out that a plant isn't what it is supposed to be. If we send you a plant that turns out to be different from the one you ordered, we'll replace it or refund your money. We may ask you to return the original plants at our expense.

We guarantee that your plants will arrive in good condition, healthy and ready to thrive in your garden. If you aren't satisfied with any of the plants when you receive them, contact us right away. Don't wait until the fall or the next year to call us and then tell us that the plants arrived in poor condition. We can't honor claims that aren't made promptly.

Once you receive your plants in good growing condition, it’s up to you to do the rest. We can’t guarantee good weather conditions and we have no control over the care you give your plants. In every great garden, some plants die each year. That’s part of nature. We can get you off to a good start, but its up to you and Mother Nature to take it from there.

Because there are so many factors that we can’t control, we do not guarantee over-wintering of plants.

If you plant your plants, care for them well, have good weather, and they still don’t grow, let us know so we can discuss the problem, learn from it, and make it right with you if we are somehow at fault. Above all, we want you to be excited about perennial gardening and happy with your Busse Gardens experience. If you are not, please take the time to call or write us about your concerns.